I’ll do my crying in the rain.

Okay! Who stepped on a worm, or killed pawtucket bill (or whatever that thing was called) fucking Groundhog Day in the north! I can’t remember a time when the outside wasn’t wet! I now am thinking seriously about getting me wetsuit out to go to the shops!  Not to worry too much though! Apparently it’s going to be arctic conditions al weekend again, great! 

Quick update on something that was supposed to be done BEFORE Christmas! I procured a tumble dryer fro ‘Currys’ and about a week after I got it home I was emailed a message not to use it as it was from a faulty batch!!! I immediately registered online with hot point to get a guy out to look at it, then I hurried back to Currys to see what the script was. Well they got in touch with the same guys and we were informed that someone would be in touch before Christmas (which at that point was six weeks away) if you look at the date today, you will see it’s about eight weeks (two months) since I rang my fears to hit point and guess what! 

Upon waltzing back into currys today and asking them to find t what the hold up is, they were informed (via phone, not telepathy) that because if the 2000 complaints about these dryers, hit point was over stretched! And they said it should have been dealt with writhing 6 weeks. I informed them to check their calandra and confirm they are thick as pigshit! (I wasn’t fluffy today) when I got off the phone in currys I was told to ring the shop itself if nothing was done this week! Glazing over I looked at the sales assistant and told her, ‘if it wasn’t sorted this week, they would get the dryer back….’, I don’t think I should have added ‘through the fucking window’ for effect as she paled! Oh well! 

Now I’m calming in ‘Costa’ with a cup of earl grey, when I say a cup of earl grey I mean I was given a warm glass of water and a tea bag!!!! I have to make the fucking thing meself!!!!! I have paid for a POT OF FUCKING EARL GREY, not an artists interpretation of what I fucking wanted!!! (This isn’t calming me down at all is it?) where’s the drugs?

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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