If you like pinacoladas and getting caught in the rain.

The whole sky seems to be wanting to shed tears for the old year that has been and gone! It hasn’t stopped now for a few days (not that bothered about floods as I live in a second (or first) floored flat) and if I get wet feet, I’ve left me plug in and me taps in in the bath! A shower to warm up his morning as it was looking positively dreary outside (it wasn’t cold inside, just looking out the windows made me want to Warm up) I now know how a lobster feels when it’s being prepped for the dinner table! (I changed colour and squealed)   

Well today I started on the improvements for me bucket (it’s now a bucket, not a helmet). With the green stuff I purchased yesterday (a binder that is now in the bin) I cut and shut two pieces. Well cut and got the superglue out. Now there’s a misnomer, superglue! It’s shite! Loctite have your eyes out because the only thing is sticks well, is skin! I liberally applied said glue to the plastic and fully expected it to be tighter than me brothers pockets in a second or two! Like shite! I placed heavy things on it to hasten the bonding process and all it did was delay the inevitable despair as I picked up one end of the plastic and the other end slipped away! (I can see the araldite making another appearance soon) 

This time I WONT be trying to toast any lenses under me grill! I clicked on a YouTube presentation on how to do it properly with the kit I have. I love YouTube, except for the fact in five hours time I’ll be hungry but I’ll  know how to talk to a giraffe! ………. I broke away from my place as I needed a coffee and all I have is tea, Alison a couple of things are required for the flat, stuff like food and milk and stuff. I suppose I better get the shopping in while I’m out!   Guess who was bored! At least now I get the Lego out and make stuff rather than shaving me bollocks! (When I got bored in the past I was always as soft as a babies bum, (I’m NOT a seventies TV personality so I can say that without any repocusions)) Anyway, when I get back in, I’ll continue with the project/ odyssey! (This is turning into god damn Greek tragedy) but I’ll be sure to keep myself suitably occupied, just like France in the Second World War!

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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