The taming of the shrew

Not so much Shakespeare, but more like ‘the shouting at SIRI’ but we will get onto that later. The idea today was to buy myself some green plastic gel/ film for my trooper eyes (as I grilled my last set under me……grill) I was just trying to soften them a little bit, but ended up toasting them (the smell of toasting plastic is nothing to brag about). That would be a simple enough job for today wouldn’t it? Well Bugger me with a fish fork if I didn’t have to travel miles and miles to get fucked off at the hight port!  

No where, and I mean NOWHERE in the metrocentre sells the stuff (I’m sure I’ve used it, seen it, bought it before) it’s all gone. There must be a world shortage of green acetate right now at this time (or has everyone else toasted their lenses) to be honest, I just wanted to get my arse away from the mall as it started filling up with pikey bastards in their shell suits and council house facelifts!   

I’ve only been given a late present of biscuits……STAR WARS biscuits! I’ve eaten most of them already. Anyway, driving to Team Valley and ‘Hobbycraft’ I was just about assured there would be some of what j wanted there. There wasn’t! The biggest hobby shop around and all they could give me was bloody cellophane!!!!!! I didn’t want to wrap e roses up! The closest I got was a folder with a coloured see through cover (just ready to cut up BUT NO TOASTING). A bit of shopping later (I now smell like Johnny Depp) it was time for food! Now I haven’t been in a macdonlads for about two year and I now know why I didn’t visit. It was awful and I mean really awful. And the folk inside could have followed me from the metrocentre itself.

 The end of the day approaches fast and I still have plenty to do to me bucket (mask) although there IS a lot of Dr Who on telly tonight! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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