All is quiet on New Year’s Day!

Today I did what I couldn’t do last New Year’s Day. I went out to the drift cafe for some breakfast. I was supposed to do that with me dad last time, no drinking, just driving  and having food at a lovely place. Well I promised meself that today I would do it, and Bugger me with a fish fork if I didn’t enjoy a full English with a pot of earl grey! To my surprise the bloody place was packed to the gunnels with dog walkers and revellers who just wanted some time to procrastinate and drink tea! I loved it, highly recommended to anyone who is stuck for something to do around the north east coast on New Year’s Day! So I dedicate me breakfast to e Mam and dad who’s wedding anniversary would have been today.  

Shadows cast their presence later on though. My plan was to have a drive around, park up then head into the bars of Ashington to see what was occurring on the celebrated day that is New Year’s Day (drinking) I was beconed to one place where my oldest friend was with his partner, now when I say this, I must remind myself that I’ve know the two of them for over twenty years. So when I started reminiscing about our school conquests (long before these two were an item) I was shocked at the fact he walked out the club! On seeing  if he was okay, it came to pass that the way I was talking wasn’t to the partners liking so ultimatums were made!!! I wasn’t even talking to the partner at this time so getting the arsehole via proxy seemed pathetic! Any road up it transcended that I won’t be appearing on anyone’s Christmas card list for a while, and to be honest, I ain’t Bovvered!

Later on I had been beckoned to another place of worship for the drunken masses of the north east. There I met with a few old friends who were more amenable to my banter, so I stayed a while in their company(drinking possibly one or two JD and cokes) the afternoon wore in and photos were taken, songs were sung and time Was ticking on. I was bloody starving (although I had a cup of broth at the British legion) so it was time for me to go home! My job done, my pictures taken, I walked the mile or so back along the street of revellers to my front door, ordered a curry and watched minions! All in all New Years aren’t what they were so it won’t be happening too often in the future anymore. Here’s hoping yours turned out better than my friends 🙂  What I will say is thanks to all you who read these rants, missives, tirades or whatever you call them. Last year was my best so far with well over four thousand people reading what I’ve written. Let’s hope you all but my book when it becomes published ! Happy whatever guys and girls X

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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