A Christmas carol? Who’s she then?

Many many folk look at their Facebook page and get instant reminders of celebrations they would otherwise have forgotten. But is that a bad thing? Is it not better to send greetings on the actual day rather than belated cards in an otherwise temperamental postal system? I love this technological terror we call ‘social media’ I love the way friends can send greetings at the speed of tall Indians through the ether and know the recipient will get the message. To this I say thank you to the hundred or so friends who wished me a happy birthday today.  

I put me dad on here because we lost him this year (no, not down the back of the sofa) unfortunately he wasn’t tech savvy (well not in the social media way) but I know he would have loved this sort of thing when he was growing up, I say growing up, I mean when he was a fully rounded adult. He would have kept in touch with his friends from school, the army, the past, his clubs everyone. So as I’m heading into the middle age of my life, I’m pleased as fuck I have this power at my fingertips right now.   It’s not sad, it’s not clever, it’s just life now for the world! Parents can talk to children the world over. I have friends in the Maldives, friends in Australia, friends in Thailand and the Sinai, we can all say merry Christmas, have a fantastic day. Wish each other happiness and joy. What would our GRANDPARENTS have thought of this, not waiting days, weeks for replys to letters sent via Royal Mail ships to the far flung corners of the empire. Use this media for good, there’s no need to ‘troll’ I need to insure any sort of hatred, no need to spew hate upon others. As friends we ought to act as friends. As our social community expands, we should be greatful others want us in their lives (albeit electronically) so show compassion and humanity. Let’s keep this media alive with smiles and happiness. And if that doesn’t flick your switch, delete me a scary in with your lives in darkness. Merry Christmas to everyone ❤️  

And a happy new year.

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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