Titanic 2 (it’s cummin up)

Now! Yesterday was a fantastic day and a crap day, a learning day and a teaching day! It wasn’t just any old Sunday, it was the day “Bob” got his first official outing in to the big wild world. The morning was spent in bed, then I really had to get out of me put as I knew it was going to get busy. Lenses, I needed lenses. The green film that came with Bobs head was going to have to do. Cutting and glueing started in earnest. My second attempt, after I glued the film to me fingers went a little better until I put my head into the helmet and the toxic fumes from the superglue nearly choked me and burnt me retinas out at the same time.(like a Sith force choke)

 I did, however leave it too late for a full dress rehearsal and final fitting (really should do that in future) so it was off to napkins to get changed. The guys there were marvellous, couldn’t be any more helpful if they tried. Getting me ready, packing my bags and helping me to the car! Brilliant top marks to maplins Cramlington. As predicted, many many photographs and selfies were asked for and taken on my walk, (none by me, I couldn’t see a bloody thing).
These are the weapons I wasn’t allowed to carry through the streets! I have no drama with that really, I was arrested when I was 18 for (so called) firearms offences, so I wasn’t looking at doing stir again. As an aside to this, I was contacted by shepperton studios today with regards to my original stormtrooper blaster, the parcel delivery company have lost it do they are sending me a new one to reach me tomorrow, then the guy said I’ll probably receive the first one too, for free, to keep! WOW, anyhoo, 

Inside the cinema, more people took pics (I didn’t mind) and this one turned up online!!! Cooooool. Eventually I was taken to my seat (I couldn’t see shit in me helmet because of the darkness) I sat down, in helmetted, donned me 3D trooper glasses and sat in silence for the entire film (except when I laughed). After the film ended,(and a few more pics) I exited and thanked the gods I didn’t need a piss! Lo and behold four fucking troopers marched towards me! A tie fighter pilot, a sand trooper a snow trooper and a normal trooper. Loads more pics, but they were part of a group that does this for charity, so I exited stage left after I grabbed their group contact information. Then got drunk and forgot it! Bugger! So if anyone knows of something called ARC (I think) that works in the northeast for charity appearances, let me know. 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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