Gypsies tramps and thieves

Hollybush? Nope, another house in another part of the country with another charity for loose cannoned mentalists! This time I’m in Tedworth house, Wiltshire with Help 4 Heros. Yes, I’m not fixed yet, still more of a “Work in progress” if you like. The drive down here was horrendous to say the least! Sunday evening, in the winter, in the dark, with rain/ fog/ lack of phone signal AND road works everywhere! (Glad I didn’t bring the bike) 

I spent my journey listening to the different noises a vehicle can make (when you really concentrate) sometimes worrying, sometimes actually trying to simulate the noises you heard ten minutes ago (just to make sure you weren’t imagining your wheel falling off). As for the other road users, well, they all need to sort their driving out. I’m sure in the drivers road manual (there SHOULD be one) you don’t just pull out in the freezing fog, in the dark with no lights on trying to get access to a fucking motorway! Lots of folk up and down the county need to stay at home on a weekend and keep off the roads! 

Anyway, day one. Therapy starts! Well not so much in the name of therapy, it’s actually an animation course designed to get your mind looking at other ways of viewing things! As a distraction, it’s brilliant. Putting all your imagination into a puppet and retelling (or telling) a story personal to you helps with the mixed emotions going on inside there! Mind, it does help being with same minded bread baskets as yourself! So far H4H has lived up to its reputation of being a force for good! Saying that, I now have a ticket (ANOTHER ticket)to go and see Star Wars (The Force Awakens) on FRIDAY!!!! I’ll still be going on Sunday up north in me troopers outfit (pics to follow) AND the tickets that me mate has hot got Christmas time to see it! So three times in a week will be a bit fantastic! 

As this week progresses, pictures of the actual activity will be posted alongside a dramatisation of what’s occurring! I’m sure H4H will be just as special as its aiming to be!

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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