Summer lovin

Okay,so I’m a few months out but you know what? Everyone should feel the love no matter what time of year! It’s only because it’s nearly Star Wars day that I’m feeling good about myself (and the fact that my armour arrives tomorrow) I just hope the rest of the things arrive next week too. The black under clothes (although to be honest, I’ve got me jodhpurs and bike tops if they don’t) the neck seal (again I have a pretty cool bike garment in case) me white pimp/ Elvis boots (I haven’t anything to replace those) and me E11 blaster!!! An E11 blaster!! Wtf am I doing with my life?  

Anyway, enough of my rambling (is something I never say) the day has started with a bright light ploughing into my room, I haven’t seen this glowing orb in the sky for a while now, I was actually beginning to think someone had shifted the orbit of the Earth. But as it’s. Beautiful day today, the cover came off the bike, the dust got blown off me leathers and I was off! Cup o tea at me old/ new favourite haunt, the drift inn. Looking out over the sea on my approach I was reminded that we do actually live in a beautiful pasty of the country.

Oh all right! That’s me E11 blaster for those of you that don’t know.based on a sterling SMG (me dad used them in his army days). Trying to find a replica or a decommissioned one online is a Bugger (especially now with all this shooting bollocks) I really must erase my internet history! As the breakfast rolls in and the tea goes down I have to think about the rest of the day! What to do? I could throw myself into cleaning me flat!!!!!! Hahahahah! That can wait another day! I could get my laptop out and carry on with this bloody book! Or I could dress up and play storm troopers! 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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