Altruistically selfish?

It must be nearing the Christmas period, Michael Bublé has released a record! and my heating has gone on longer and earlier!!! Although saying that, I did peer out me window the other night and witnessed my first frost of the winter! By morning it was raining (oh well, snow isn’t imminent). A problem with these earlier nights is that it gives me more time to get online and do more than watch porn! I am now the owner of a storm trooper outfit (complete with elvis pimp white boots) oh dear well if it arrives before the 20th, I’ll be sitting in the cinema fully dressed watching Star Wars!  

I did look even more of a pillock on Monday however, eating my lunch (at F&B’s) with me brother, we chatted and chatted about life and how we could kill everyone in the world (well that’s in my head anyway) when it came to pay, I frantically searched my pockets (there was a lot) for me wallet. Nope! Wasn’t there! Then it hit me, the realisation of not having the funds to pay! Now that hasn’t happened for a long long time! Put yourself in that position and see how you feel? It was only luck that we are regulars there so it wasn’t a problem for now!

To the crux! As I travelled to the ‘Drift’ for a cup of earl grey, I listened to radio 2, (I only listen to it because I can’t stand commercial and radio one is shite) they were on about the evolution of the selfless person. Basically we all want to help each other, and find it difficult when we can’t. Then on came a woman (sounded old and grumpy) telling the listeners that we are all selfish bastards who would rather spit on the needy than help them out, then began to regale a story where SHE was the only one in her party of ten to get out of her seat for an older person! That made me switch off me radio and listen to Wham! For the last ten minutes of me drive. Do YOU feel selfish or altruistic (google it) I think we are a nation of helpers, it’s only the prejudice of the elderly that upholds the idea of the selfish twat! Well those are my final thoughts on that! Feel free to disagree 🙃   

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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