Love, love me do!

The photos on this missive should give you an. Idea of where I spent time this weekend! If not, then the title of my tirade should! If you’re still thick as pigshit and can’t guess, then I’ll tell you. Liverpool! Yes Liverpool. Never been there before and I have to say, what a bloody lovely place it is. Vibrant, friendly, cosmopolitan either! From the promise of seeing ‘Scousers’ in their natural habitat (curlers in their hair on a Saturday afternoon ready for a Saturday night) to the ‘Wrong’ cavern club! I say wrong because apparently it’s not the original.  I visited the cathedral (it’s fucking HUGE) I danced on the roof top of the Liverpool parish church, I ate Mexican street food, I even heard a woman say ‘foc(gh)in hell” (put a real Scouse accent on the fuck) down a tee phone! No she’ll suits or tashes though! I would have swooned if someone had said ‘Aye, aye, cum ed la” if you haven’t been before, I would suggest a look (apparently it had the UKs biggest Christmas tree this year) the church roof afforded me one of the best views in the city looking over the docks past the ‘Liver’ building. Brilliant! 
Rainbows and muffins entrenched the rest of the weekend, with some of the most hideous driving weather I’ve experienced in the UK. At one point a captains licence for a boat was required, not a. Driving licence! The road across Saddleworth moor became a river and I wasn’t happy one bit! Dark, wet and a passenger in a potential pile up!!! Frayed nerves were the way ahead I can tell you. Anyway, back on the road today, back to the north (where the snow is) and I decide to stop for a brew at the services again (every time I wind meself up) but no, not today. Only bikes in the bike places, no idiot cars so I can continue my journey in relative happiness! (After I fix me fucking spot lamp again) 

 (And here’s a real BANKSY)  

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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