It’s a wonderful wonderful life!

Black Friday? BLACK FRIDAY?? I’ll tell you what Friday is, it’s a bloody shambles that’s what it is! No sooner have I invested in a tumble dryer because of the potential inclement weather over the winter, I now run the risk of having me flat burned down while I’m drying me wears!! The manufactures tell me it’s safe to use BUT NEVER LEAVE IT UNATTENDED! I bought a dryer for the convenience of NOT BEING THERE WHEN ITS ON, now it can’t be trusted to play nice (check the recall sights guys, anything from indesit, whirlpool or someone else in the last 10 years!!!! TEN YEARS!!!!

On a lighter note, my new guitar strings sound sweet! And so it passes that’s must start wrapping presents as my time up north is wearing thin! A course in Tidworth (from 14-18 December) is all booked and sorted, drinks with various folk around the country the Christmas in Nottingham with a bloody British sports personality! Oh, and a couple of viewings of Star Wars to boot! December looks good! (Just waiting for any brown letters from the government to pop through me door and try and ruin my festive mood.

My only concern now is to find shelter for me bike! The bike cover is doing a ‘so, so’ job, but I feel the poor thing will ultimately die if left out in the winter weather up here! So a shed, a garage, even a lean too will be better than a sheet of plastic, any ideas???. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder I find it harder and harder to get my arse out the house, I’m like a recluse (someone told me that, on line obviously, I wouldn’t go out) so I could do with some ideas of how to fill in my time.

Well my outing has ended for now (I just HAD to vent my fury at Currys about my wayward arsonist under me bench) but I looked at these so called “Black tag” deals! If I want a coffee machine fine, if I want anything useful, well, I’ll not look for it on Friday! I just hope when I get home now me dryer hasn’t entered into a suicide pact with me fridge (coz that’s always switched on isn’t it) check your appliances, stay safe and don’t end up on YouTube.

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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