For what it’s worth!

Now you may have had a sense of hate and resentment towards this country in my last couple of missives, but I hope you take them in the mood they were meted out! I’m really okay, I just have a slip every now and then and my filter switches off! Normally that happens when I’m face to face with folk, but recently it seems to be a trait I’m not very happy with! Must work on that!!   

Anyroadup! The weather is cutting in, the scarves and gloves have been deployed by young and old! And I have to, I NEED to get the most out of me bike before the snow twats the floor! (Me motorbike, not me pusher) so today I’ve dusted off the…..dust, warmed up the Pistons and wedged meself back into me bike clobber! (Bloody Helmet was cold) and ride along the coastal road to the ‘Drift’ (haven’t been for a while and now they are selling homemade broth with a cheese scone 😄) hearty food for a hibernating herbivore! 

Talking of bikes, I collected mine from Halfords yesterday! Me brother gave me a hand and I suppose if it wasn’t for him, I may have smashed all m windows in me car and ripped all the seats out whilst snapping the bike in half and hammering the wheels flat! (I wasn’t having the best of days) when the guy asked if i knew about the quick release wheels, I scoffed, I’m a bloody engineer! Well I lost the nut, it took me thirty seconds to do that, then another ten to want to pull the guys head off and hit him with a passing mother and toddler combo! Eventually I had a car full of pushbike, so we needed a coffee. Now as I had ordered this beast a while ago, I fully expected it to be ready when they said, they lied, then they told me it would be ready the day after, they lied! Well they sort of lied. The bike I had ordered wasn’t there so they offered me the demo one (at a discount obviously) so, looking forlorn I begrudgingly accepted the 10% cash back!!!! I love being nice sometimes!


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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