Have your cake, but DONT YOU DARE eat it!

Harking back to my last missive about doing the right things……yada yada yada, I realise I may have come across rather merciful to the fact that I was just and right! Well today the government has pierced my soul with their weapons of unjustified spitefulness! I fully expected a decrease in and benefits I had been claiming, I had fully expected a 100% deduction of ESA, (nothing but right) but what I wasn’t prepared for was the 100% decrease of Any and ALL benefits I had originally struggled to get since coming back to this poxy country. Now if you remember, I was told I wasn’t allowed anything for the first six months of my relocation back here because of law changes.   Now the MOD has made amends and virtually admitted they are to blame for my mental state, (virtually) the government has said “Fuck you! You ain’t our problem anymoee” so it’s back to Bugger all from this back-pedalling back stabbing government who are happy to line their own and their target voters (except if you are an immigrant, you can’t vote) AND because the MOD (I’m sure that they are all part of the same government aren’t that?) has taken the role of provider, the government (poor poor government) is going down the route of wanting everything I was entitled too, back!   No minimum living allowance, no severe disability allowance, no support group allowance, nothing! Good call Veterans UK. Let’s be honest, let’s be transparent, let’s be British! Now I find myself WORSE off! I find that the ‘Pension’ (although it’s a medical compensation) does not afford me any luxuries like………. Electricity! Gas! Food! (Imagine a low income family being screwed so far up the arse, the knob is visible at the back of the throat) I know now how it feels to NOT be a Hutson to the state (jobless but entitled to nothing) I can’t even sign on to look for work through the government channels! I have no kids to look after, and I dread to think how these families cope with this unjust system!  With much thought I will have to leave this island as far behind as physically possible in the wee hours of the new year! I WONT be trapped by a penny pinching overseer who’s only priority is to claw back any currency they can through the direct fault of the preceding arseholes! I know many of you will simply say “Get a job then” but until you have had any sort of experience with a short circuit in the mainframe which causes you an immediate confrontation with any authority figure (think banging out a supervisor for being a dick) this is the compensation the army are championing, they know I will never be able to hold down a job that I’m capable of because of this rage in the top cover!   On a plus side, I’ve made an amazing Victorian Sandwich Cake! (Okay, so anyone want to give me a chance in your kitchen, cafe, restaurant? I’m not a one hit wonder! I can cook and I think that’s what I might as well do if I can’t go back to diving! Love you all X

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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