Regret, regret!

Do you ever get the feeling that doing the right thing, is wrong? Or it is wrong for you? Or it’s right for the wrong reasons even wrong for the right reasons? Well today has been one of the most stressful in a while! Because of my new found sense of chivalry, I have shot myself in the foot with my honesty (or so it seems). To be woken at silly o’clock in the morning by two ladies from Social Services (I love having a wall chart filled with appointments and forgetting to look at it) was a bit of a shocker! Especially as I was having a rather nice dream! Anyway! The next half hour with these two dampened any lustful remnants of that slumbering thought! As it turned out, they had been sent from the totally wrong department! If I was missing a limb an eye or anothe body part, then they were the bitches to see (I use that term in a totally bodacious way), but seeing as I’m a mad hatter of a soul, they couldn’t help! (Communication anyone?)   

Anyway (again) cultivating the odyssey to a précis, they left, with a flea in their ear (so to say, I’m being very thoughtful and less abrasive for the sake of my therapist) with a (non) promise of actually doing something instead of promising the world and delivering Pegswood! A trip out with me brother for breakfast (I really can’t remember much else happening) I gave him his mixing deck back (hopefully fixed) and found a couple of envelopes on me floor! (Brown envelopes are never a good sign). As I studied them, it slowly dawned on me that they were both from the government l, I surmised they had something to do with my change in circumstances! (This is where the stress comes in). The first one told  of my cessation of back payment! The second told of my cessation of benefits! Oh crap!  

Even though I knew it was coming, and I had mentally prepared myself, the realisation hit me like a Plane in the desert! Now I was no longer entitled to claim anything, the odds are that I would be no longer elidgable for any help in housing! Oh the slow creeping sloth of stupidity gripped my nerves, I must inform the council! Right now I’m in limbo! Because I’m no longer a burden to the state (even though I’m receiving LESS than the government decrees you can live on) I could be in line to pay full rent! (Remember I’m NOT taking your taxes) how does this work? I can now say doing the right thing for the right reason is detramental to the healthy mind (let along the disturbed one) as a scrounger I was able to live (albeit Tescos ‘Blue Stripe’) but now as a veteran on a pension, it’s looking close to food banks! (Please take this all with a pinch of salt) but seriously, a vet on his pension is better off fucking off out the country and living abroad (not a sad idea at all)  Cyprus here I come……again! 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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