Don’t stand so close to me (another one?)

What a difference an hour makes, and a few miles, and possibly a coffee and a bite to eat. I find myself closer to my place (but still mincing around in coffee shops) the ride from Gateshead was fraught with peril (please, if you look THROUGH the steering wheel instead if OVER the steering wheel, STAY AT HOME) if you decide to be an angel and actually USE your indicators, at least have the courtesy of following the direction you are fucking indicating too, and finally, if you own a 4X4 made by anyone except land rover, or Jeep, sell the fucking thing and buy a car you can fucking drive! Rant done!IMG_3419Anyway, Morpeth, a highly charged Adam is whizzing from a rather large latte and lemon tart (I’ve had some tarts in my time, but this one is a bit limp) it’s just all texture and no taste (a bit like me I hear you cry). The reason for not tripping the light fantastic all the way home to my gag? I have received a text from H4H, actually it’s a survey about wellbeing! Now, I was introduced to H4H via the therapists at Combat Stress, so you would have thought maybe someone should read my biopic that was sent. All of a sudden, the answers I have given (the same questions we see on every nutter mental form) have galvanised this charity to point me in t he direction of my local GP, or another mental illness centre……..Combat Stress! My hope for someone clever coming out of all this is fading like the snow apps in summer! 
IMG_3384I’ve also found I’ve been spun a tale by someone about my future! Two differing ideas about whom I should be and how I should conduct myself! Is it the Jedi order, or the Sith? Oh my! The midichlorians are fizzing today! (Star Wars reference for the great unwashed) on an up slide, I phoned Horseback UK today and told them I was bloody bored! Jock and Lynne both said I could go back there and help out!!! ME!! Help out!!! Now that sounds a good plan! Winter, horses, no wifi! It could be a positive slant on my education! As I said at the beginning, what a difference an hour makes 😄

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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