All the teachers in the pub, passing round the ready rubbed! 

Always better with the dawn of a new day isn’t it? Unless it’s still foggy of course and you can’t see the window for said fog (now THATS foggy). Deciding to cheer meself up after yesterday’s rant, I thought I may as well get the bike out as he hasn’t been plodding around the streets of late! Although last nights beating at badminton didn’t so much as cheer me up as wore me out, so I couldn’t be uncheery (if you know what I mean) losing five games to one, it’s not a good batting average now and I’ve told me brother that if it ever gets to a six nil drubbing, I’m stopping playing!

Deciding to have a float about the Merrocentre, I can be really cheery looking at the folk in the idiot sector of life (I pop in and out of that area on a pretty regular basis too) and it seems Gateshead does not let me down. I’ve witnessed three relationship breakups, one argument between an Asian couple who must have been in their 80’s (seriously, Old middle eastern couple with broad Geordie accents) kids dilibratly running off causing mothers to palpitations and breakdown. I’ve watched fights between couple not agreeing on Christmas trees, curys from men being dragged around underwear shops. It’s been fun. I’ve also just witnessed a young couple come straight into Nandos, sit down at any old random seat, ask a passing waiter to fetch them a menu and continue to sit there thinking its a table service! I love idiots.

  A family of Chinese dudes opposite me are lamenting the flavours of chicken and chips (without any sauces, mixes, rubs or marinades) must be a novelty like us on a Friday night craving curry or sweet and sour! (I’m not being racist there, just observant). My day trip to the lunatic asylum is nearing its end, I must strut out of here like some pimp In Harlem,  get on me ride and wheelie off down the road! Unless I fall off and look a cock!  


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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