It was only a winters tale

Yes it’s winter, I only know this because my heating has clicked on and a myriad of mindless morons have constantly lamented with me with the usefulness of their slow cookers! Blown the dust off them, cleaned them off and bought the cheapest cuts of meat to cook slowly in their own effluence until the damp and desperate lonely souls get in from a hard day at the coal face! …………What a load of shit! 

 Home made, a little over an hour of graft and cooking! (Including chilling time (with a glass of Jack)) and that’s just the pudding! The savoury leek puddings took ten bloody minutes! The rest of the meal will be sorted in a trice. The thought of leaving food on a cooking implement all day fills me with dread! Yes I know we leave nearly everything switched on anyway, fridges, freezers, tellys and whatnot, but they don’t intrinsically want to burn your house down. As far as I’m aware if your white goods goes up in flames the insurance will sort it no dramas. If the dinner that you left cooking all day decides to commit suicide by ignition, is it not your own daft fault (I’m sure I’ll get reviled for being a twat in this one, but I’ve lost me ‘Bovvered’)  I may (or may not) have intimated that it’s October, not even Halloween, yet the metrocentre has draped it’s festive shite everywhere! Getting kids all excited! (Like a night with Gary Glitter in the seventies) and parents all pissed off with the bloody timing of this shite! Now we’re stuck with jingle fucking bells and fat bearded fucks in red suits sporting semi erections whilst sitting kids in their laps!

 Lol I’ve just read that last bit back and chuckled at my ‘Bar Humbug’ moment! My father has died, long live my father! Anyway, to the crux of today! I had it in mind to go and collect a computer system for someone, but unfortunatly the one I reserved was gone (currys at their best) but I have a salient bit of information for you all. If you see something online (or in a shop) and the chances are the price will drop before Christmas, (but theorem is short on stock) reserve it to collect in store the next day. Then don’t turn up. At the close of play, said item will be put back in stock, so reserve it can do this as long as you need. Just done collect it until you want it. Some stores will not put stuff away for you so you can buy it when it comes down in price, but this way works (apart from my fuck up) AND, if the price drops WITHIN seven days of actual purchase, you will get a refund.  Many more useful tips coming before the festive season takes off like a peodophile when the police knock! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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