A wild ride around me mind

Let’s be frank! Being sick is shit isn’t it? Me mate has been layed up for the last 11-12 days with no progress on her diagnosis (or prognosis, I’m not Dr Kildare) and I’ve just spent the last 24hours trying to void my stomach of everything inside it! Any other time it would be easy, stick my head in the toilet and let rip! But as I have just done a 120 mile ride closeted In me helmet and head over, the bubbling in me stomach made an exciting appearance and stank the inside of me lid to high heavens!  Just a sneak peak into the new BMW i8 (or whatever it’s called). Anyway, still feeling a bit ropey (me not me bedridden marra) I decided to try for a bite to eat at the local bike shop in Morpeth. That and a cup of coffee, I thought I was fine, all to no availe. I’ve been lead to the conclusion that I really should give up the grease! (Must I invest in an air dryer for me bacon?) A few trips out were organised to take my mind off feeling shite, but they just cost me bloody money.  The moon outside lit up me yard like a lamp in a mine! (Oh hang on, that’s not me yard) I’ve lost my train of thought!………….. Found it! Trying to get my mind off being ill, I made phone calls for someone to restring some badminton racquets (two which me brother broke) I ordered another switch for me bitch of a media system in me car! She actually asked me the other day if I kissed me mother with this mouth? (I only called her a c###!) 

 This is the clean up afte using me new blender to make leek puddings for freezing! I had no intention of getting one but another mate championed the benefits  of owning one! (I’m so easy to talk over) So apart from the sickness, I’ve done lots of other stuff too! Badminton, cooking, cleaning and getting stuff together in case I have to shoot off to visit the hospital again.  

 Another piece of art for me living room! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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