To be or not to be

Now by that title I don’t mean the hardness/ softness of my pencils! The question should be ‘To buy, or not to buy?’ I came out today with the express intent of buying a useful pierce of kitchen equipment, but as I near the purchase point, I feel the pangs of guit creep in because it would be totally supperfolous to my life (now I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling as I’ve never used that word before, but my spell checker isn’t picking it up so we will say it’s good.) I have just given a jug blender away to me brother (who swears by it) so do I or do I not bow to pressure (or just use the knives I’ve got?) 

Finding myself in the realms of Crambodia (again) I sit and ponder what to do. Already filled with compensation from the carpet guys (where DO you buy doors from?) and just about to enjoy the delights of a costa coffee (sorry besty, you’re to poorly) and a chocolate brownie, I think of the placement of said kitchen appliance! Obviously it will be red (no purchase AT ALL if I can’t find a red one) and the usage I will get from it! I don’t want to hide it away atop me cupboards, I would have to have it showing to the world. But that begs the question, where do I put me microwave? (First world problems eh?)

Now this is a nice carpet, it’s mine, it’s not this colour, and it shouldn’t have a lump under it (did I have a cat?) and it’s one of the miryad of cock ups by the pointless fitters (not the store, Franks is fantastic) let’s hope they see sense and stop employing these tubes. I sat there last night, on me time machine (woke up at half four this morning) and wondered how a professional could make such an awe inspiring cock up? They have one job, lay carpets, they are employed to , lay carpets, and I’m sure if you ask them what they do, they will tell you, they are carpet fitters! (Bloody southerners) but apparently it’s getting all sorted on Saturday! I’ll let you know

It’s time I left this place now, I’ve just bitten me lip eating me cake and now the lovely chocolatey taste is being replaced by the metallic tang of blood 😶. As it drips out the side of my mouth I must look like a pre Halloween fright m’dear!. Take care, be good and smile when you poop! 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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