This is how it feels

Clues in the name there, clues in the name. Today was ‘D’ day, well ‘C’ day (in lots of ways! I knew I had to take me car to the sparkies so he could have a look what the arsehole did whilst putting in me stereo! Me brother came around prompt at 0900, so we set off. With him following I could sense he wasn’t happy with my directions (now I’m a professional at driving during rush hour so I’ll go the bestest way) all the way (at least half an hour) we arrived! To be told to go back to the guy who put the stereo in and get him to look at it first!!! (Waste of a morning….so far)  

Carpets! Carpets came next! The guy rang me when I was on me way back from halfords (after arranging a time tomorrow to see said twat with a ‘fluke’) they said they would be about 15 minutes so I put the pedal to the metal and nearly broke into a swear! As I sat for an extra 15 minutes at my place, me brother finally turned up, just before the carpet dudes! I was starving so I decided to leave the guys to do the job with no worries and went for breakfast with me bro. No sooner had I regaled him with the fact ‘Siri’ hasn’t got a clue what I say, the carpet muppets rang asking what carpet went where! Fuck!  

Bugger it, I stayed out for scoff and returned when I was ready! (I wish I hadn’t) I met them at the door as they were packing their van and had a look at their work! (I wished I had taken photos before I went to the tip). A pile (about waist hight) of THEIR shite lived in the corner of me bedroom. Me bed shoved in the kitchen and the pink underlay thrown on me kitchen floor. AND the two carpet grips separating the rooms were holed and left where they were (the excuse was they weren’t aware that I had concrete floors and they didn’t have the appropriate kit to finish it) they told me to fit them meself! REALLY!!!!!!  

As you can see, I ain’t no carpet fitter so I used what they said! Nails or screws! I fucked both runners so it was time to go to the shop and lodge my complaint! The manageress was fantastic, so were the rest of the staff to be honest! An appointment was made for another fitter to come round on Saturday to finish the job off to the standard they expect. Perfect! I also needed a filter for me Dyson so while I was there I looked around curys! (Didn’t get one) so I looked in TK Maxx. Well I got a cake Tin and a wooden elephant! (WTF?) then a newtons cradle (see pictures). Me Dyson wasn’t playing so I washed the filter, but remembering you can’t really use it when the filter is wet, I should have waited till I actually finished with the hoovering!  

My day sort of went downhill from there! I’ve just come in from badminton with me brother who has been away for two weeks eating pies and drinking beer! He’s just whipped my ass! Goodnight 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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