Our lips are sealed.

Now waking up and realising you have a frikkin huge job to do today doesn’t half make you wish you could stay in bed, shut the light out and go back to sleep. Unfortunately I’ve been putting this off for about a week now, and I NEED it done for tomorrow. The job? It’s ripping laminate flooring from my bedroom AND sitting room (or front florid or lounge, depending how posh you are). I knew it would be a bit of a bugger, and it was! My fingers now look like they have been put through a blender. Anyway, the job started at 0930. I had a coffee and a little cry first! Then the tear down started. My living room disappeared into the kitchen and spare room whilst the only things left in there were my settee and chair! (I wish I could have said no when I tried to convince meself to get carpets)
The fucker that laid this stuff did a bloody good job! Insulating layer and proper skirting board widgets keeping everything neat and tidy (I’m sure pleased it wasn’t glued down) but the stuff on the skirting boards was! Now it’s not, now it looks a mess! Bollocks! My sitting room is empty! Bits of wood everywhere and all the dead laminate taken to the tip! (A plethora of guys in big cars taking stuff there today! Must be a day off) back for the bedroom!

Now as there wasn’t a lot of furniture in this room, it looked a helluva lot easier! Except the wardrobe, and the bed, and the glued floor. “Worst room ever” after an hour taking things out the draws, the cupboard the bedding stripped and the mattress taken off. It looked empty! So the ripping began. Oh how I wished today wasn’t happening! This is the room my fingers became trapped a number of times beneath the laminate. But through grit and determination (and a hammer and screwdriver and a knife and chisel and any other frikkin tool I cold lay me hands on) I got the first board up! The rest came up easily (I only say that because I ain’t going to bitch). Another trip to the tip and all was done. 

After a lovely breakfast at the drift, I know I’ve got to tidy up my house AND my car! The Dyson is going to get some loving later!! On an aside to this day, I’ve started to paint my fence rainbow colours. Is looking decidedly strange (just waiting for me neighbours to get back from their holiday and complain). Well, it’s a sunny day, a productive day and a day for reflection! (I won’t be doing stupid shit  like this again) 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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