The ignorance of Ashington

Cars with blue badges, yellow lines ignored. Traffic enforcers ignoring the lawbreakers and turning a blind eye. Why? To much hassle? Scared of the consequences, not enough ‘Bovvered’? I just don’t know! Law enforcers on all counts ignorant of the law. All walks of life’s uniforms abound the litter strewn streets of my home town with the transport of the infirm! It seems the worlds supply of electric chairs are available on every street corner here, parked everywhere they can get to. Forget the blue badges, forget the roads, these decrepit despotic dunderheads roam the paths like packs of ravenous hyenas, belching smoke from the chimneys of the nose. Being gassed by the bottles of oxygen in their bags. Not long for life!


Again kids in pushchairs embedded with ‘Greggs’ dummies, track suited youths with caps abackwards puffing on ‘Drum’ rollies, waiting patiently as their partners collect the benefits from the banks! Gentley rocking the younger criminals in their chairs! Bound to grow up thinking this is the way to live, never work, never smile, never have ‘Spare’ money for nice things at the end of the family credit cheque.(unless cheap lager and cheap tabs are nice these days)


Old and young mixing together in a melee of melancholic mayhem, jostling for positions at the front of the market stall, unknowing of the scraggy jam buttied hand in their shopping trollies fumbling for the prize of a purse laden with this weeks pension. No one smiles, no one makes eye contact, no on lives no on cares! What’s happened to my proud town? What’s happened to the family atmosphere of the local businesses? Gangs of lads looking for all intense and purposes like they are in their dinner break from a job that just hasn’t appeared! More than likely a tea break from an enforced course at the “Funny farm” as me old mam would call it!


Old pictures abound this text today as I have fallen fowl of the premature publish button and can’t get back to the photos I took today in time for this rant! I’ll get them out tomorrow. I lied. I’ve managed to sort some of today’s pics 😄.


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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