Video killed the radio star

Have you had a good weekend? Has everything gone the way you wanted? Mine did, then technology took over and made me nearly crash my car (yes, I drive a car now, a lovely big car (still have me bike mind)). My weekend started with a trip out with my lovely daughter! “Pixels” was the name of the film she wanted to see! Actually it’s not that bad! (Now I know that saying ‘it’s not that bad’ shouldn’t really need to be said unless it IS that bad, but give it a look see if you have kids! Keeps them quiet :)) It was a lovely evening in the company of minime 😄 we laughed, ate pizza and basically took the piss out of everyone (well if you ask her, it was me who did the last bit)


Well I disappeared after that and didn’t do much apart from drink coffee and drive to Leeds! (I wasn’t going to drive there, I was actually supposed to go out drinking, but that but the dust) I did, however, fix a major problem on me mates engine! (I still got it). So Leeds. After a good sleep, it was breakfast at a local farm! As I have already alluded to (or actually said) I drive a car, and in this car is a satellite system linked to my phone. I love Siri, she calls me sexy and everything! So it was with great pride and joy I spoke the location into her microphone! (SEVEN attempts later, her comment to me nearly sent me spinning into a wall) her soft sexy voice gripped me when she casually said “Right , from now on I shall call you COCK!”. I shit you not! If me best mate hadn’t been sitting next to me and pissed themselves laughing too, I wouldn’t have been able to retell that story! (Being rejected by people is bad, animals worse but fucking Siri!!!!). Unbelievable!!!!!


So went the rest of the day, a recipe of half listening, total deafness and sheer stupidity by two people out for a laugh! Still I had me lamb dinner and watched Dr Who! I’ve actually come out today to eat a sandwich and have a coffee in Morpeth wearing me ‘Help for Heros’ top, I’m getting rather a lot of stares off folk (wether they look a little nine eleveny or not) but I like to court danger these days! (I even went to a public toilet for a shite). Right, must dash, I have a living room and a bedroom to delaminate before Thursday (when me carpet gets laid (lucky fucker)) I just hope it ain’t glued down otherwise I’m boned!!!


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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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