Arrival at the ranch

I would walk 500 miles
Well, change walk to ride, then change 500 to 250 miles and you just about have it for today’s adventure. Leaving my flat at 10 (ish) this morning, the sun bleached through the clouds and it looked for all intense and purposes like it was going to be a good day. I put me bags on me bike, I set me sat nav up, I charged me helmet (the radio) and I sorted me ride. Chain off the front (I forgot that the other day and looked a right twat) I pulled off….. CLANG, wtf? That will be my alarm still attached to me front brake disk then. Oddly it didn’t go off!!!!!!!  

So my day’s journey hadn’t even gotten outside me yard and I was having a bad one (foreboding to say the least) oh well, after my initial despondency I thought it could only get better. At the first fuel station (before leaving my home town) I filled the tank to the brim, as I went to pay for my fuel, it was then I realised that my packing hadn’t been as fastidious as it should have been. Retrieving my wallet from my desk, I was reminded that I really did want to make this journey! Anyhoo! Payment made, I eventually left for the trek up north.   

Motorways North are not the best of journeys (especially as every other bike rider I saw was heading south) , but coming off the main roads onto the A’s and B’s the vista definitely improved! One road, the A97, was 70 miles of pure loveliness. Hills and valleys everywhere. Straight runs, crested curves, belting bends. The whole point of this ride was to experience the parts of our country that you wouldn’t normally see. Passing Balmoral castle, I gave old Liz a wave and wound up the loud handle on me bike. As the miles drifted by I realised I couldn’t find my final destination! Waiting over five hours to reach the farm, and I took a wrong turn in the last two hundred yards! 

A phone call later and a redirection by the guys already there, I pulled up at a farm house! Well, I say farm house, it was a house, with a shed. And shared rooms, and communal cooking area, and my god I wasn’t prepared for what I had arrived at. Briefly meeting some of the others, I thought about getting back on me bike and heading south (or north to start another adventure). Nope, I was going to stay. I was going to put up with the shite I was hearing from the lads! I had forgot how soldiers were when they get together. Pizza and a cup of tea later, the weather had closed in and the sun had been swallowed whole by the gods of the glen. So now it’s half past eight and I’m looking at me bed with hope. Hope that the lads will shut up eventually and I can get to sleep. (This could be a pretty testing week)  


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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