Spiders from Mars

Let’s get the elephant out of the corner first! Well I Say elephant, they were fecking  HUGE beasties lurking around my kitchen last night (in all probability still there today) I could hear their hob nail boots clanking under me fridge AND cooker! They plot! We’ve all heard the media hype about big arachnids looking for warm cosy places to live and breed because of the wet summer! Well, it ain’t hype!!! 

Bikes! Push bikes to be more precise! Today we in the north east find ourselves trapped by a health fad! Hundreds of bikists have travelled from jockland and are making their way around our beautiful countryside! Now I love the idea of this county being broadcast over 160 countries worldwide, but surely that will only inform the insurgent refugees that we have a lot of countryside spare up here! Bugger! What we don’t have is a tolerance for brutality (unless it’s our own) or sponging (again……) with all the north on benefits, it could be hard to differentiate between us and interlopers!

Scooting back to this morning, I had a surprise delivery from the posty, I say surprise because he’s NEVER up this early! It seems I have now started my change of look and becoming a Mr Gray lookalike, or a Darcy! Whichever one rides horses. Me wellyboots turned up this morning and the first thing I thought as I put them on was how much they look like Nazi jackboots! Oh well, pictures another day.

A pic of the market in Morpeth! Possibly the smallest market I’ve seen in an age. If I wanted a “Vape” stick or a hash grinder then I’m good. If I want packets of meat from morrisons I’m good, if I want anything really markety, I’m screwed! I now know the reason these farmers markets have died! The farmers are Robbin bastards! That’s my rant over for today. I shall try to get out of here before the bikes arrive (unfortunately they will be everywhere so I might as well bite the biller and have ANITHER coffee)

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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