Y,O,Y,O,Y (is not the make up of my genes)

But it is the gasp I have been doing all morning. Safe to say it’s been a day rants inside my own head, culminating in the taking of pills and injection of coffee (well chocolate coffee) that will be a mocha. (Or chocolaty coffee for the uninitiated). My day has revolved around Gateshead. To be more precise, the Metrocentre. (I only venture here when I really need something) or I need a break, or I’m bored. I come here a lot actually and every time is an eye opener! 

I mentioned the new/ old craze of buying jeans with no knees, well it’s extended to shredded legs now! And there is no taboo on age or size. It’s fashion (in absence) but I’m pretty sure I have a photograph somewhere of me when the FIRST red nose day occurred. I had ripped jeans on then (and that was well over twenty years ago). staying with fashion, it now appears that having a child and pushing it around in a sports pushchair has really taken off in the north east (for the kids that is) I mean I have counted a plethora of kids pushing kids (they must have sat their GCSEs while pregnant and now they have a cree full of exam results and a sprog) I’m sure mums are getting younger!  

 Today sees the new Star Wars toys going on sale, the Disney ship was filled with them (and adults) now I know a lot of my generation are looking towards the end of the saga that started when they were still in school, but come on guys, at least take your child into the store and stop looking strange (I just took a pic, which probably will be classed as stranger) but how many grown men are entering kids shops to ogle over these plastic creations? Never mind

Right! Onto my rant! I said the other day that parents should stop dragging their kids across the roads where there are no crossing points, well today I witnessed a ‘crime’ that’s SHOULD be sorted NOW. As you are probably aware, smoking in a car after October which has an under 18 year old in it will become illegal. (And why not indeed) but as I passed a young girl pushing her child (in a sports pushchair) she was happily dragging on a silk cut (other cigarette brand are available) tif that wasn’t bad enough, this young woman was PREGNANT! Should that not be a crime too? Should the first child be taken away from her aswell as the second as soon as it appears? You can’t have one law parsed and ignore the greater risk to under 18s. There you go! Rant over. Have a lovely day and remember, to err is human, to constantly fuck up is ignorance! 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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