Two out of three ain’t bad

Well, one even. Okay I’ll settle for an ice cream mars bar and a kick in the bollocks! Today was a day of a few halves really. Started with the annoying cacophony of shite streaming from the airwaves of me radio alarm!! (How DO I switch that off?) then into a ten minute debrief online surrounding the atrocities of everyday living. Next a look out the windows informed me it was a drying day (not a washing day as that was yesterday, can’t get them mixed up otherwise I’ll be wearing wet pants…….again). So outside with all the semi damp and pseudo dry laundry I had accrued in me spare room! Although I ran out of pegs before I got to me unmentionables, (the wind was TOO blowy for the normal pegging) I managed to get the gear on the line before my company turned up.P1030514.JPG
The next part of my day entered into a shopping trip! For what? For a pocket of screws! That’s all. Although I nearly baught a bike, and a food mixer and a few other things that wernt really on my list of necessities! I did however opt to buy lunch/ breakfast for me and me brother. (Still look like a couple of gay guys on a date). It killed an hour or two so that was worth it 😀 as the afternoon wore on though,  a few things came to light that needed dealt with as soon as possible. Eventually put to bed, I could carry on with my plans! Unfortunately these plans revolved around watching a film or two. A great website (Genvideos) kept me amused until badminton.IMG_8037

This last segment will be self censored as I’ve just had the most ludicrous conversation in a long while. Whilst trying to educate myself with skateboarding cats and dancing frogs I was rudely interrupted and curtly (in no uncertain circumstances) told all about myself, well ##### can go and #### themselves with a ##### placed neatly into the ###### whilst riding a ####### with #### and #### strapped #######ly to their #####. Rant over. I shall,  of course,  be trimming the fat from my social media sites forthwith as I can’t be doing with all  this late night keyboard clicking from places far and wide! (If you recognise yourselves in their, take a long look at your life then find another outlet from which to Sally forth) IMG_0327

So farewell, Adiue, shalom, au revoir, auf wiedersehen. Catch some of you later, some of you not! 

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