I’m writing this through new eyes! Well when I say new eyes I mean me right eye has sorted itself out from the last couple of days pain! It started in me left eye and subsided after about 24 hours, I wasn’t banking on it scurrying across the bridge of me nose to the other one! I felt like a vampire, couldn’t stand the daylight, wanted to take both them out and give them a scrub.  

 Not the most handsomest, but the right eye is definitely pink!!! (No, no Spider-Man webs in there) if you don’t get that, then good. You have a clear mind! In one way disappointment set in yesterday as u was supposed to jump on ‘Rimmer’ and go to the south, but due to the fact I couldn’t see in all three dimensions I thought it best to stay in a darkened room! The sense of disappointment was allieviated when I was told that due to ill health, I may as well stay up here till Monday! (Result as it gives me more time to get rid of the red eye) 

 A couple of things need to be taken care of before I leave in the morning now! I need to RE pack me toiletries, I need to fix me friggin indicator (after two weeks of intermittent service, it died today as soon as I used it) it’s amazing what ASDA sells these days (I’m just hoping it fits as its for a car)  so out for a ride and a cup of tea at the Drift before I head back into civilisation (well Ashington) at least the sun is out the skies are blue there’s nothing more for me to do! 

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