Blue or Red?? BLUE OR RED????

Im no electrician! Anyone who has seen me with that sort of magic will attest that I’m SHIT! Honestly, I’m the bloke who takes BOTH leads off a car battery together because he can’t remember which on is first! I can do household electrics (well wire a plug and make things work) but auto electrics? Bite me!  

 Easy yes? Well I thought so too right up till I took all my electrical gubbins out and found wire bloody everywhere! Not just red and black, but orange and yellow thrown in for good measure! I followed this diagram to the ‘T’ I even bought a relay with the same numbers on. I did early as it said and watched as my lamps didn’t work! I stressed a bit, then I regrouped and drew myself a diagram. The relay went out the window and I started ripping wires out!  

 The weather liked so it was a race against time to get these friggin tugs sorted! After ensuring both lamps worked by hooking them up to the battery, and checking the switch worked I began to crimp/ solder/ black nasty wires together! I switched my ignition on and watched as my lamps didn’t light up! More needed!!! So off with the petrol tank (fucking heavy when it’s just been filled) and more screwing and twisting of wires! THREE hours later I have one lamp working on the switch. Now came the easy bit! I connected the other to the system and checked the switch. Nothing! (This is why I HATE lectrics) I chances my arm and touched a digger net wire with the juice in, bugger me they worked!  

 The picture doesn’t do them justice! But I taped and shrink wrapped everything, zip ties and clipped! Then the tank back on (just as heavy as when it came off) I must have used EVERY tool in me box today, (and some borrowed from next door). The horror is, I have a high beam HID to put in tomorrow, but that’s AFTER the dentist and a kick in the bollocks for being so stupid (auto electricians can’t be that expensive). Until tomorrow then!! 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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