Who put the Bop in the Bop Shoowaddi waddi ?

Motorbikes!! Bain of any bike riders life! (I know I shouldn’t complain, but today is a dead day) my crash bars are waiting,( forever hesitating) to get on properly! Now the main bike shop up here had already told me they couldn’t do the job!!!! (In case they broke something or the mechanic just didn’t believe in himself) so off to my “back street” garage in Morpeth! A long handle and a minute later, the job was done!!!!! I hate ‘Fitters’ they look at jobs and say they can’t do it before they even give it a chance! I NEVER shied away from ANY job while in the army, everything and anything could be fixed!  

 Yesterday I did, however, have a little problem! The High Intensity Discharge, (HID) bulb I had just wasn’t going to fit into the lamp holder! I took the entire face off me bimmer and disappeared upstairs with a drill! Oh, and an iPad filled with pictures and instruction! (I did contact the seller of the item telling him I’m an idiot and he basically agreed) so after about ten minutes of fettling and drilling, sanding and cursing, I had a bright lamp installed! Take it from one who knows, DONT STARE into the bulb when it’s on! When my sight returned I packed everything away and tries to watch telly! 

 so instead of a coffee afternoon, I’m having a pot o tea and a bit o quiche! All very civilised I must admit! (Although the thought of me subframe falling off me bike as I ride it home does fill me with dread) but at least I got a new back tyre for the price of a snikers bar and a can of sprite! (Apologise for sniggering here, but the local ‘Lady muck’ has just sauntered in and declared her table). What I have noticed is the complete lack of parents hanging around! It’s all grand parenting over the holiday period! (I’m sure when I was young, I had loads of time with me mam and dad when school broke up) or was that just a dream?  

 Well that’s me for today (I think) so I’ll ramble along the seafront and enjoy the sun while we have it here (won’t be here long and that’s a guarantee) so, so long, salem, shalom and whatever else you can decide to bid adieu with 🙂 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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