Blowing butterfly’s and counting to ten

Surely a strange rutile if ever I made one up, but you see today (and actually the last couple of days) has (or have) been a strain on incredulity. As anyone who knows me will testify I’m a trier, yes one of those who attempt the things he’s not done before as he loves a challenge! But for a little while now, whatever I try, I fall flat on my face (figuratively not physically, I’m still handsome) starting with upgrading the old mans computer! I inherited a bag of shite from his house and haven’t used it much as there had been a hatchet job done on the operating system (if I ever see this cock again, I will eat his face) so that needed sorting out pretty prompt as it was driving me round the twist ( short drive these days) anyone ever tried to buy an operating system from a shop? they are like hens teeth! 

Finally after much contemplating, I relented and found a disc in Maplins! Now the installation information would have made a Cold War spy shoot themself ! Luckily I’m a bit more OCD and found an easy solution! Ask a professional! So that was step one taken care of! Step two was a tad Mir interesting as it involved a speaker set, a car drive and a few choice swear words in the right ear holes! I found a lovely 2:1 wireless speaker set in the metro centre, brought it back home plugged it in and immediately looked for my stress doll. It didn’t work did it! I whined a little and re packed the piece of crap! Back to Currys again in the morning and no availability meant a wasted journey! (I’m pleased it’s not a matter of life and death! Another shop another set of speakers! Brilliant, they work! So plugging them in back home I heard a rather loud crack and realised I had snapped something important, (my stress doll is missing an arm now)  

Not to worry, I had the idea of a Bluetooth adaptor (as me phone connects to the speakers and they all sound fine, it’s just when I stick the Jack plug in one doesn’t work!!) so Maplins for a Bluetooth network adaptor! Simple!!!!! Except no! Ran the disc, icon looks pretty, but it refuses to acknowledge I have a Bluetooth device attached! So looking at the packaging, I’ve noticed it’s not fucking compatible with windows eight! (The fucking OS I just purchased to go legit) now my doll is a proper raspberry with NO arms OR legs)  

I’m really hoping that as I draw this to an end, I will have found enough ‘Bovvered’ to get into my transport again and NOT hit the guy who sold me this device on the assurance it would work! Oh the butterfly??? One flew into me flat and looked knackered as it couldn’t find a place to land, I calmly gave it some helpful puffs to show it they way out and to freedom! (Every cloud and shit) so now I must go back out! Have a chat to the guy and hopefully get this resolved! A free computer off me dad has turned into a god damed Greek tragedy! 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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