Forget me not 

Okay, so I left you half way through my mad house visit! Well to be honest, it all went pretty calm really! I didn’t get my panties in a bunch with anyone this time, I didn’t want to set fire to some of the admin staff and I felt good when I left there this time (apart from catching damp due to the friggin Scottish weather!). So according to the ‘Crack’ I may be in need of anger management! Me? Anger management? FUCKING MEEEEE!  

 Back in toontown (where else but Ashghanistan?) I find myself catching up on the things we so easily take for granted! Washing, cleaning, eating!!!! On that note I shall regale of my dalliance into Chinese cuisine! I molested a duck from my local ASDA shelves and proceed to lavish him (or her) with all the salt and five spices needed for a crispy duck!!!!! The plum sauce was made from real plums and the cut greens were….well cut greens to be honest! But the thing that made the meal was my pancakes! Not your average shite you are forced with from the shop, these were home made too (cheers Nigella) topped off with a glass of wine oh how I know to party!! 

 A Sunday arrives and I can’t be sitting in me flat today! I’ve spent too much time sorting out me dads old computer to run a licensed copy of window because it was CRAP! So I needed to get out! So the metro centre for a bit of people watching and something to eat! After of course I do something really stupid again! I’ve only gone and got my eyebrow piercing sorted out and by heck as like, it fucking pained my soul!!!! Because the butcher of Totnes had left a mess under me skin, the piercer had to just about put her knee on me chest to get the needle through!!! No blood this time and no cursing from me! Oh well, time will rell when I put me helmet on😳 

 if you see a moving image above, it’s worked for once (I like updates) 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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