Every hundred years????

‘Brig O Doon’ I’m here again but I’m sure it wasn’t a century ago I last tasted the delights of the hotel. (But it WAS a Sunday and there WAS a wedding going on AND it WAS raining) time warp or what, oh yeah and it was half way through me stay at the nuthouse as well! But this time I’m here alone, issuing me own transport! Haggis Neeps and Tattties are still available on the menu, but seeing as I had that last weekend at the HollyBush Inn, I thought I would try something different! (I’ll not put it on here as I WILL wind up the vegetabilists in my life)  

 That is a picture I took in Ayr yesterday of a church turned into a ‘Wetherspoons’ fantastic up for the old building I must admit. A bit like the one in the north east that was turned into a market with cafes inside! All I can say is religion! I’ve shit it!! So, back to my odyssey. I rode past the brig o Doon to see if I could scrounge a lunch, as I slept in again this morning! I MUST get to sleep!! So hunger drive my quest! Trouble was, when I passed by the place it was choked with wedding guests so I continued to rise along a wandering road (stay on the paths) so I turned around, parked up and made a phone call. 40 seconds later I’m sitting in the downstairs restaraunt talking to a lovely old couple from bloody Devon!! …… About motorbikes and diving!!!!!! 

 You may or may not recognise that castle as its one I took last year of the local area here (can you believe I have my own ‘Stock’ photos)  but then again it’s been kicking nearly three years since I started blogging and taking photos! Anyway, I digress! My starter has just been consumed (I forgot what a fish turine looked like) but that’s not the offensive part of my meal to leaf eaters (I’ll let that slide this time). By the time I’ve eaten lunch and gotten back to Terror Towers I should have built up the stamina to start building my model of a Lynx helicopter! Don’t laugh, it’s therapeutic! What wasn’t therapeutic was watching two movies eating a shit Chinese and going to bed late to watch ANOTHER man vie until the sun came up!!!!! TWAT!! 

 Ive just had what could be described as ‘fucking gorgeous’ food and I’ve sent word back to the chef that it’s probably the nicest meal I’ve had this season. If i could make mash like that I would be famous! Credit where credits due! (I MAY even leave a tip).on an aside to the food, it’s just hit me that we don’t do weddings on a Sunday really do we? I mean I haven’t seen any in England all mine were on a Saturday!! (Read that with a pinch of salt if you are at WOMAD) so it’s nice to see people being nice on the last day of the weekend! But then again they’re all Scottish and will be pished by three o’clock! So I’m planning not to be here when the kilts fly! 

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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