Day 2, things can only get better

Well at least I had a lie in this morning (even thought I forgot to turn off me alarm) but i still wasn’t in the frame for a porridge and toast breakfast (maybe a cooked one tomorrow????? MAYBE???) so a fresh and bright day loomed (well fresh, Erm! Well day) it wasn’t the most clement of weather systems that seemed to have settled over Scotland today, so the first lesson greeted us with a vigour that would have made any manic depressive smile. 

 Finding words! Yes that was the title of the lesson, finding words. Well obviously “Fuck, shit and wank” weren’t the words they were looking for. (I found this to my cost!) a couple of extra tag alongs came into our group and things settles in well. Discussions and arguments ensude (in a BANTER way obviously) and we all got our points across in the appropriate manner for the lecturers, (outside we called each other names, but that’s what soldiers do)  

 The next lesson was all about ‘Arts and crafts’ or something like that! I’ve just looked for my creation and can’t find it 🙀 it was a blue box with an inner black box with a brain on a stick you can see through an opening! (Difficult to envisage I suppose) but it was a ten minute exercise in “let’s see what’s in Adams head” pretty powerful if I must say so myself!  

 The lesson after lunch (square sausage in a bun)……..really!!! Was a continuation of the first! (I think she wanted them out the way as soon as possible) but we lost three members (well clagger ons) and it became a little more restrained. Until emotions became frayed (not between the soldiers) so it was wrapped up sharpish and we all went our separate ways! Now I sit and wait for a therapist  (not the one I’m used too as he is off sick (bastard)) listening to the radio and spilling my thoughts out on this medium for all to see the fragile life of a PTSD sufferer! Please enjoy these next two weeks of rants and tantrums, I’m only human and perhaps some of you will see yourselves on my pages 🙂 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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