Day 1 (proper) in the big brother nuthouse

Well it’s started, my alarm trilled the arrival of the morning, rain out side me window (it IS Scotland after all) and NO breakfast. Well when I say no breakfast, I mean no COOKED breakfast! Unless you call porridge cooked. (Do I look like one of the three fucking bears?). Anyway, let’s see what today brings in the next few chapters!  

 Two classes down, Relaxation and Grounding! Now the relaxation was…….relaxing, to the extent I fell asleep! So did another guy but at least I didn’t snore like him! Nothing in the first class was new to me as I had done them all before. The second class brought some new smells to my attention (and confirmed I have a fucked nostril) All the flower scents we were given smelt the same to me! The only different ones were the man made smells like bubble gum, caramel, coffee and bacon (I know the last three can be said not to be man made but nature makes the cocoa bean and pigs! (We make coffee and bacon) 

 Now after lunch I had set me alarm to wake me before my interview! I hadn’t seen the extra lesson planned for that time so it was with rude awakening that I heard the knock at the door!!!! Another lecture on being late and wanting to be here! So it was with heavy heart I trudged to the room again with all the other dribblers! I eased through that session without to much sleep 🙂 then it was into tea!! Or dinner, (depending if you’re posh!) I had really forgotten how bland the food was here (it’s going to work wonders on me diet) then into the “Art” room for a ten minute picture painting! (Far to fluffy for my likening these drawings)   

 So that’s my first day proper back in the ‘Bush’ haven’t been asked to leave yet and everything seems normal, well a oral as t can get with a load of nutters by your side! 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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