Entry into the Big Brother house

Some of you may have read my story, seen what sort of things I have done and experienced! You may have gazed upon my ugly mug in the papers and thought ‘I know him’ and ‘wtf?’ Well, I’m back. I’m back in Scotland to do a bit more work on myself. A two weeks course of self awareness and being king to yourself (a bit like a retreat really) but filled with other servicemen just as fucked up as yourself! Well this time I’m coming in with NO expectations, NO preconceptions of how much I’m going to hate it here but rather a sense of ‘oh well!’  

 So there’s my first bloody painting (and it’s only Bloody Sunday, the course doesn’t start proper until tomorrow) a bit different to my last pictures! I’m with a sense of calm (unnerving?) as to what I will do/ see and hear this time. The comradery (look that up for the correct spelling) was immediately there again last night when I met a couple of other nutters! and a phone call or two brought my world back into a slightly militaristic zone (only to be entered in times of stress or the need for a soldier)  

 Hollybush house (or terror towers) is set in a beautiful area between Prestwich and Ayr. The rest of the area is a dump, but then again where isn’t these days? Rules have changed from my last venture here, staff have fallen by the wayside like undernourished wilderbeast on the African savanna! Big changes since last year, but I’ve vowed to stay positive! I will not enter into the politics of this place (no matter how hard they tug at my cape) I’ve already had a banging on me door asking why I wasn’t up for breakfast? To be honest, it was a filim!!! I watched one until silly o’clock and just couldn’t get out of me pit for scoff (see, old words creeping back in there) 

 See that? That’s not me anymore! As the days go on I shall post a picture of my serenity!!! Oh I’ll try anyway! Right now, it’s time to get the flock out of here and go have some uni with an old mate of mine from Paisley (I thought that was a pattern not a place) so wish me luck and I’ll be back up and running soon……..I hope 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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