Just like starting over

Vegans, no not the pointy eared fuckers from Star Trek, I mean the meat lovers (although the meat is still alive and making animal noises). Well I tried a vegan restaurant today and I must admit, the food wasn’t three bad at all. The ‘Willows’ in Totnes was chaotic at best with a bit of confusion thrown in for good measure. I mean at one point THREE customers wanted to pay for the food but the poor girl, (a bit worse for wear or just a product of this generation) got herself all confused and upset. I mean fancy someone asking her to do her job at the till!!!! The nerve!! 

 Thats how long I sit here through the day, this bongo/ drum/ percussion player took the place of the guitarist who upped and left as he had NO customers! Anyway, the weather has been rather crap down south (I know you northerners don’t care) by it seems as though the summer sun has somersaulted away to different climes! (Which will play havoc with the roads and my bike, I’ll be sliding everywhere). As I sit quaffing my second latte of the afternoon, the bongo cum drummist has started a merry time lifting the spirits of all who look glum in the slum! 

 (thats the first dude). Right, I may need to move on from here as I’ve just been asked by one of the staff if I want ANOTHER coffee. The only problem being is that it’s chucking it down now and me seat is soaking 😖. On a different topic if I may, I shaved me face this morning and was wondering if anyone else gets a rash like this…….

Just thinking out loud for a moment there. I know it’s only a few hours until I ride ‘Rimmer’ back up north, ready for my visit into Scotland at the weekend (two weeks of fun and laughter????) no alcohol, no fun!!!! Oh well it will show the government I’m still as mental as Americas treaty with Iran!!! (God help us all on that one). I’ll catch you all later if I don’t slide off the road.


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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