Searching, looking for……..stuff!!!!

Rain! Bloody summer! How have I managed not to moan about the weather so far? How have I not been downhearted and depressed about the lack of sun? It’s only weather, that’s why. It’s NOT 60 degrees in the shade carrying all me kit and body armour! It’s NOT -15 on the Canadian prairies making my lips stick to me cup of coffee (shitty coffee at that) it’s not ‘same same’ everyday making you wish for something else. I LOVE the British summertime, (soon we won’t know what one was) so I enjoy the time I have in it. No coat, no umbrella, just a t shirt and jeans (with me boots of course) so what if I get wet? I won’t drown, I won’t curse the gods for dampening my spirits! I’ll walk in the rain and skip in the puddles (mind you, riding me bike in this will be interesting as slippery roads are all the rage around here. 

 As I sit in one last coffee shop for today, I look at the traffic and wonder if it’s time to make my way home? It’s PAST school pick up time yet the streets are still clogged with traffic. The concept of a roundabout is lost on some of these arses as they forget to give way to the right, they all deem themselves above the Road Traffic Regulations and just go for it, tooting horns instead of opening mouths.the comfort of the cacooned car driver eh??? Busses, cars, lorries, taxis, motorbikes, pedal bikes, anything with wheels is fair game for this daily routine of hurry up and fill that gap only to wait another ten minutes to move. 

 Pedestrians sure footing their way over the conjestion in the knowledge that they will have right on their sides when they get run over by something big and metal! As the rain falls and the roads get busier (where from????) I think I’ll stay for a little while longer, I think I’ll wait for the chance to pull away without having to dodge obstacles randomly thrown in my way) and obviously not wanting to fall off in front of a baying crowd! I’ll bid you adieu for now and here’s hoping I don’t look like Bambi on ice. 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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