Cry me a river

0800. Wake to the relaxing chime of an alarm that doesn’t quite know how to wake the dead (mine kicks your face out of bed and your teeth out your head) snooze!!! No snooze button, I just didn’t want to get out of comfort as I knew what lay ahead for me! Now as I’ve been a big bold soldier for a year or two (we NEVER admit pain) then a diving instructor (I iust wouldn’t admit pain there) I took the fact that my glass back had appeared because I was being a gay boy with no moral fibre. But Christ it hurt! No really it was painful to stand, sit, lay down, bend, anything really so a trip to a chiropractor was arranged!! Now this particular bone cracker is a person known to me. He seems quite cool and personable! But he, being a slight of a man who thrives on running (not a stitch of fat on him) can’t half bend you in fucking half! 

 A quick consultation then the twisting started! Now the only chiropractor I had ever heard of before was Alan Harper from two and a half men! And he was a joke. This guy knows his stuff! Not only content with poking me with needles and twisting my torso like a corkscrew l, he ‘Nuggied’ me in the spine! A few cracks and snaps and I knew I was in pain! He didn’t seem to mind thought, consummate professional!! My history of injuries brought back memories of utter pain when I was crushed by a ‘Gun Clamp’ (AS90) and I then realised how much damage it had actually done! 

 It’s  a hippy day again (I’m still in Totnes) so now I sit at the obligatory coffee shop (a bacon sandwich was substituted with a bloody egg one, these guys are DEAF) and I look around at the serenity of this mixed up screwed down freaky deaky metropolis of weirdos and realise folk are happy to be here. The older ones taking part in the Elizabethan market every Tuesday, the pseudo hippy culture safe in the knowledge that no one will disturb them, the happy youngsters from foreign lands at ease with life here. It’s a juxtaposition of 60s and every other time frame really! And I love it. I scoff, I get agitated, I get frustrated but I get a smile when I open my eyes and see clearly (through the pain of manipulation of course)  

 Haha! I was going to sign off but a woman in a gas guzzling old car has just rocked up with a sweat shirt printed with ‘Zero your CO2’ ……REALLY!!!!! It’s a funny old place 😄

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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