Another one bites the dust

Well there’s another 400 odd miles covered this morning (or a facsimile of a mile according to my bike) Most of it uneventful, some of it with trepidation and one or two bits downright harrowing. If you read my Facebook you would have seen a couple of catch up posts about the journey! Seven o’clock seemed a sensible time to start as I just wanted to see the clock before the cock crowed!!! (Bastard wakes up early now in Ashington) everything was going swimmingly right up until the first roundabout appeared as if from nowhere (I say this because it’s the only way I can justify the way an idiot driver approached it) I’m pleased MY brakes work, is all I can say. 

 So onto the first motorway (I’m sure you have to pass your test to drive on these, call me Mr picky but ‘L’ plates have NO reason to be on the A1(M). Well obviously they get up real sharp up north so they can beat the coppers to work! Along with an Articulated lorry bursting a radiator hose and frightening the shit out of me with a huge plume of steam (pleased I had me visor down) old folk seemed to be the order of the day!  Now when I say old folk, I mean ‘Rover’ drivers who really need to give their licences back to the DVLA, 30mph (or whatever my clock told me) was just a tad too slow to play about in the outside lane (note I didn’t say ‘the overtaking lane’)  

 After a couple of shunts (nothing to do with me) a car fire or two, wagons cutting cars up, cars cutting cars up, me cutting police vans up (no reason to stick in the middle lane there, I’m sure there’s a law against that now) unless he took my licence number, I’m Scott free. Lots more bikes moving up and down the country today, lots of folk going on camping holidays it looked like, but the thing that got my brain ticking over was the amount of girls: women in every service station a stopped at ( three of them all down the country) every female was dressed as for a night out and made up to the nines with slap!!! Is there a mega party I’m missing somewhere?? Well I’ll never know. I’m in Totnes now and the first people I see are the ones I came to visit (well nearly) and as I parked ‘Rimmer’ I got back into the swing of things and wanted to wheel spin on some of the faces I saw having a coffee!  

 All this adventure today has taken its toll, my nerves are shredded, my rage has simmered nicely with inept drivers and my appetite for mayhem is beginning to surface! Oh well, just a few drinks tonight then!!

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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