If I could turn back time 

He passed, by Christ Bob passed his MOT. His advisory sheet was “Main beam switch inverted” and something else shite. The mechanic told me he changed a bulb(!) and oiled me chain (bless him) I really was expecting the list to be as long as me John Thomas with things such as “Oil leak at front head cooler” and “Worn this and that” (not technical terms granted, but you never know) anyway, we’re back in business. Doesn’t help with the frikkin clouds busting open and drenching the mud strewn roads (Danger! Danger!)  


Talking of roads, I have been around the area for the last few days and noticed that the only thing allowed on these vines of transport, are old people causing havoc wherever they go. The build up of traffic, the refusal to obey simple driving procedures, the inconvenience of using roundabouts correctly! I swear I’m going to pull a pair of pliers on some of the silly soda driving (for want of a better word) however, not all crap drivers are old! I really shouldn’t tar them all with the same zimmer. 


As this weekend draws nearer its conclusion, I have a night out planned for Saturday! (I have the opportunity to party tonight also, but declination is the by word for a blissful unity of boy and girl friend!) so it’s with vigour and youth I wait with bated breath to sit next to me “Bird” and shmooze on the settee watching a war filim! (Forgive my rambling but I have drank at least a quart of caffeine today and should come down sometime soon)  


Oh, one other thing! When I took control of ‘Rimmer’ I decided to liberate the communication system as I didn’t have the helmets to fit along side it. NOW I have all the fittings (supplied by the last owner) so for sale on eBay, I shall have a full set of intercom for any bike and three headsets! Reasonable rates and full working order. 😄

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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