I dream to sleep

lets have a quick catch up on where I’m at right now shall we? The festival showed that I can’t drink wierd green concoctions that ARNT Absinth. The weekend showed me that , although I could have drank all day and night, I couldn’t really. The train rides all over the south west showed me that some services are much better than others (no frikkin toilet on one station, even thought the year was in his office he refused to open them) and lastly I may have to sell Bob! 


Bless him, he’s done a shed load of miles, made me smile on numerous occasions and even made me wee myself a little! The end of the bike era hasn’t happened just yet, I’m just getting older and with age, comes the need for a bit of comfort and quiet! Saying that, I took my new steed out for a jaunt up the A38 and found myself in the 100MPH Side of my tacho. I thought I was only doing 50, (if any coppers are reading this then yes, I was only doing 50) but where Bob screamed his (and my) nuts off at that speed, my new friend (we will call him “Rimmer”,(you’ll find out why in a minute)) just lazily thudded his way into treble (50) figures.  


I give you “Rimmer” the “Bimmer” now I took him for a test ride when I came back from the festival and Bob knew (he knew) something was up. He coughed and spluttered his way to Newton Abbot, not really wanting to have anything to do with me! He even dropped his oil into his belly pan in a fit of childish behaviour. I’ll miss his happy little face!!!! No actually it will hurt when he goes as he is the last reminder of me dad! As I used to pull up outside his house in the morning, the old man forever informed me that my bike needed a wash and it was a shame he was kept dirty, even collecting me dad from the funeral home and taking him for his last ride in my back was on Bob! But times change, they move onwards and one would hope upwards. I won’t become one of the many faceless unhappy ignorant BMW riders who don’t acknowledge other types of bike rider, I shall nod my approval and gesture my ‘hello fellow rider’ with all the happiness I do on my mad bandit!  


Just another sunny day in the south west, I’ll be travelling back up the road on Friday as I have an appointment to keep and it will give me a chance to see what Rimmer can do in the freedom of the fast lane (50mph). Have a sparkling day you lot, and hopefully I’ll catch some of you at the reunion 🙂

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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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