Walk like an Egyptian 

While not eluding to the ancient civilisation, emminating from the Middle Eastern paradise that is Egypt, I’ve done a shit load of walking in sand! (Although no religious nutters want to dress me in an orange jumpsuit and parade my ever smiling (!) face on the interweb) I’ve not done much beach walking in the south for a helluva long time (2005, and it was more like running) but the constant crash if the waves is a smooth reminder of days gone by. Although the deafening thud of the bass bins drowns out natures white noise, all this points you towards (if you don’t follow me on face book) that I’m at a bloody festival. I’m 46 and can (hand on heart)say with confidence that I have NEVER been to a festival before, WHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING?  


We got there really early so to check out the area and the amenities (hence the lack of folk) and to be honest, it was a lot better than I had imagined. I thought hippies, I thought overpriced drinks and food, overflowing toilets and drugs being consumed everywhere. How wrong could a man be? For my ‘Cherry’ to be ‘Popped’ at this festival was brilliant! It’s the ‘Electric Beach Festival’ in Newquay and the whole atmosphere has been fantastic, fun bands, great music and cool people! (And that was just a taster of what is to come this evening)  

Obviously the company I’m with has had a huge impact on my experience, I suppose if I was with the lads (backing the day) it would have gone a whole lot different, (and not nessesserily in a better way at all) I would most probably got drunk very soon, been sick somewhere and gone home (if I hadn’t fallen off a cliff) with my ‘Event Organisor’ I have enjoyed the whole experience from start (we ain’t finished) to now. It helps too that I don’t mind getting wet while outside (plenty of practice through my time in the field) and of course the bar selling Jack Daniels at rediculous prices makes Adam a smiley chap. 


Here’s a quick advert for a lovely ‘Fish and Chip’ shop owned by some chef or other! Although other food outlets are available! If I manage to make it back tonight without incident (we’re dancing and drinking the night away) I’ll update you on the activities and hopefully some more pics and possibly a video 🙂 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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