Monday mix up

This tirade (for want of a better word) is about the melange of visions I have had to endure already today! From the young mother more interested in her phone than her child to the octogenarian holding the traffic up whilst he looks for a gar in his “Model ‘T'” (well it might well have been!) ……(ignore the premature posting, I was only trying to remove my scarf and pressed the wrong button)

Any road up! My social media experiment was a success (I’ll post the findings in the next instalment) I never realised so many people read my rankings.

Right! Now the sun has started to show its face a little more often than not these days (it MUST be summer) so if you are of a very young age (and by that I mean the age where you can still soil your pants and smile to get away with it) you would expect your guardian, parent or whatever to look after you and make sure you don’t fall foul of anything. A young mum (more interested in her appearance) decided that pushing her young offspring in a lovely pram along a path (with the sun STREAMING into her face) was of no concern to her! Oh no she carried in yakking into her phone with inane twoddle about a night out she was organising with her ‘Beszie’, This poor child was being overheated and blinded by her carers actions and trying to tell her by having a bit of a cry, nothing!!!! So I made my opinion heard and she quickly covered up the sunburning face with the hood of the pram!

On the back of Bob, as it was a nice morning, we vanquished ourselves from Ashghanistan and travelled the path less travelled, by that I mean the back roads to Morpeth. Unfortunate for myself and other road users, it must be pension day as the amount of Hurst’s being driven by the almost dead was horrendous! At every corner, junction, roundabout and traffic light old farts were holding up the daily flow of traffic around wansbeck! I must admit, everyone else was patient with them (including myself……eventually) as we all know they won’t be around for long! Warm days will take their toll on the old and infirm just aswell as the cold in the winter.

A bit of a short one really today as I have loads to do and can’t hang around coffee shops writing my thoughts all day!!!!! Again!!


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Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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