De bunking the bunkers 

Harry Houdini could make an elephant disappear from a stage at the New York Hippodrome. He could escape locked boxes and even get out of a straight jacket hung from a crane! This guy did everything to the max, many believed (including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, eminent author of the level headed Sherlock Holmes (alright Holmes took drugs, but, you know!)) that Houdini had a deal with the spirit world as the disappearing and the reappearing I’m a different place could only be accomplished with the help of the spiritual world! Now that was around the beginning of the LAST century, this century we see David Blane walk through windows and walls, we see Dynamo levitate before our very eyes. Do they use spiritual interference? I’m guessing we, as a level headed community would never believe a man could really do what that lot do without the help of smoke and mirror trickery. Derren Brown doesn’t do much escape from a burning coffin strung from the top of an exploding nuclear reactor. He just uses his knowledge of his craft to make you believe he is in league with the devil. We all live watching them, trying to catch the trick somehow, trying to “Debunk” those who confound and frustrate our Senses!  

 So this is my social experiment, in looking at as many of my friends being honest and not thinking too much about what I’m asking. (This works best face to face with limited time and the chance to sidestep awkward moments) but I’m going to try anyway. A little background first?  

 If you haven’t read it, read what happened to me in me kitchen the other night……finished? Good! Now last night I was ambushed with a “psychic” in my home (he wasn’t asked for, he wasn’t invited, I wasn’t given a choice) he spoke about things he couldn’t possibly have known(?) giving me snippets of things that had (probably) happened in my past. Once he clocked my time in the forces, he suddenly honed in on possible occurrences being witnessed by myself through the differing conflicts in the past twenty years!  

 This is where I get my results from you lot! I’ll ask a series of questions, I would like as many of you as possible to answe them please. No names, no pack drills! Either answer in the comments on my site, my Facebook page or you can inbox me!  When I collate the answers, I’ll give my conclusions. I’m not one for debunking, but this annoyed me no end. Right here goes! 

 1.  Do you know of a person who looks like an old pitman (small) with a scruffy look and a face full of whiskers? (If so, give a name)

2.  Has anyone known anyone (a child) who may have drowned ? (They may have given you a small present in the past)

3.  Has anyone any knowledge of a young man who took his own life? Maybe dabbled in drugs?

4.  (Soldiers only) do any of you know guys who have been involved in an explosion?  

 These questions may seem inane, but there is a bloody good reason. Oh, and if the tone of this missive seems condescending to you, then remember, it’s YOUR problem, not mine 🙂 so people, please help me with this and share it around so I can get a load of different peoples answers! You’re all good people I’m sure 🙂

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

3 thoughts on “De bunking the bunkers 

  1. 1. Chalkey.
    2. I know of a small child that drowned. A mates brother but he never gave me a gift, I wasn’t born yet.
    3. Yes. Very recently.

    Hope this helps.


  2. 1. No
    2. No
    3. yes
    4. Not a soldier, but was near IRA docklands bombing in 96 that blew up the building I worked at.
    BTW your Facebook post is public, but non friends can’t comment on it


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