We fight for what we want, but when we do, we get told off. The law won’t let us do the things we want they have to stop. To get the place we go, we need to do as we are told. To live this life we want, we never get their till we’re old. All this writing lets me vent the rage that’s building up inside. A vessel to get rid of all the negative I hide. It writes itself, I do not have control of what it brings. Wether it be talk of love or other incandescent things! I sit here once again, my coffee right here by my side. The folk walk past the window with no idea what’s in my mind. Concern not shown to those who carry on with daily life, the only problem is that they too hide their inner strife! I know this all too well as no one really lives their dreams, but money wealth and happiness are trying, (so it seems). When people truly want to take a break and feel the sun. The holidays are booked they work to pay, it must be done. To fly away to happiness they dream a simple life, but all at once their two weeks done, it’s back to daily strife. A truly happy person is a person who can smile, while all around are struggling so they can rest a little while. I’ve often wondered why we always do as we are told, from first years in our schools right up until the day we’re old. We never tip the status quo, we’re feared of consequence, we toe the line, we screw the nut, it doesn’t make much sense. From birth to death, we lose our will, robots in industry, so wake up now and look around come oSally  forth with me! This battle cry will miss a few, those with their vision blurred, but scream it from the rooftops, and let our voice be heard! I’m not the man to rock the boat (well legally I’m bound) but watch me poke a stick in it and watch out you’ll be drowned. With all this blether, I get by, my days role one by one, the little rants I give myself I vent all I have done. So waste not time you have, to struggle through your working day. For pittance in your pocket bound for taxes you must pay. Just look around and smile at folk, but ask nought in return, that little fire of anger in your heart is left to burn. It’s time for me to move along this day is wearing fast, the morning time has held its breath, the noon clock chimes have passed. I bid farewell and also wish you each a merry day, I fought for what I wanted, so the bill I must go pay 🙂 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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