Inspiration, that’s what’s called for these days, a thought, a sight even or the spoken word in a different context that can illuminate the minds corners and spark fire to the ideas of the great and the good! I, however am neither. I’m just an ex soldier/ father/ northern biker with a lot of time on his hands. Albeit a quiet life right now (neither the slings nor arrows of modern warfare to deal with, nor the perilous depths of the oceans deep). A ride out on a sunkissed day, a coffee and a thought, a day of solitude (save for the infrequent parries and retorts from the interweb from others) 

I feel more is asked of me from this world, I have helped the helpless, taught the unteatchable, and fiddled around with the great unwashed (when I say teach, I do actually mean mechanic and diving, not actual teaching, good god I was a crap school teacher). As I wander around on Bob (my trusty steed) I gather knowledge form all walks of life I encounter, the young, the old, the wise, the not so wise (but still canny enough to survive this harshness that is the North East) everyone I meet has an impact on my life, negative as well as positive, so I take what I can and smile the rest away.

Point in hand! I purchased a new badminton racket (raquet)? On Monday of this week with which to beat my brothers ass into the ground in Newbiggin Leisure centre, only to have it break after two games (n fact one and a half games) taking it back to Sports Direct, I had the manageress inform me that the maker (therefore Sports Direct) state that snapped strings occur and are therefore not a fault of manufacturing. I agree, but NOT after one and a half games (my brother still has his racket that cost ten pounds for four of them, a net and a packet of bloody shuttlecocks!!) am I right to grumble? Now I find myself in a quandary with a Bluetooth speaker I bought in January, it’s function, it’s ONLY function is to stick to the shower panel and play music from your Bluetooth device so you can dance your heart out in the suds of showerdom. It’s fucked!!! It hasn’t lasted five months (and it’s from bloody Vodafone) I’m beginning to see a distinct pattern in the modern throwaway life we lead. (I was going to wander off on a tangent but I stopped myself for fear of retaliation) Anyway, this life and the bigger plan! If there is one, some bugger needs to let the rest of us know, and if there isn’t, then it’s all a blast man! 


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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