Lazing on a sunny afternoon!!

What a beautiful Sunday this is! It’s a Sunday that you should do something with, go somewhere, or just enjoy the blue skies (albeit a bit of fluffy white stuff streaming by at Mach 10) but I must admit, a trip to Bolam lake cured the fly sky. Now I haven’t been there since we played forty a side football way back in the day when we had a CB club in Ashington. Not a lot has changed, the lake is still a lake and I think I found the footy pitch we used, but the new visitors centre is pretty cool with a cafe at not too unreasonable prices! Mind you, not many car parks (which means not too many cars around (good for the bikes))  

Riding through Morpeth, around Mitford (and various other places I have no idea) I met loads of motorbikes AND push bikers along the narrow lanes (plenty of signs telling everyone that speed kills and bikes should beware) well the ride was lovely. The scenery flashes by like a jahovas witness at a satanist party, at one point a graceful barn owl swooped down from a branch and nearly took me fucking head off. (Sometimes I hate nature) but eventually I got there in one piece and waited..

….and waited for me brother and sister!! The cafe, I found out, had “Red Bush” tea so I was happy. My thoughts fell back to me dad and wondered why we beverage here in his latter days! He would have over it, now HE didn’t mind a bit of nature!!! At last everyone else turned up and we went for a walk around the lake! (It’s a LAZY Sunday, so there wasn’t much else to do) it seemed though, as soon as we started, we were back (obviously we weren’t, but for the sake of brevity lets just pretend) 

 What I wasn’t expecting though was the full on picnic with TWO picnic baskets a couple of cool boxes and hot water for tea! (Unfortunately someone forgot the teabags!!! ) not to worry, I was in with the cafe crew. Sitting on a deck chair surrounded by trees and nature eating brioche cheese and onion sandwiches and couscous (I never made a thing,  otherwise the buns would have been filled with paste and tinned tomatoes)  oh how me dad would have laughed at this sight! To be honest, it was a lovely day, I ate as much as I could, and drank far too much tea (again) so my time in the country was up. Riding home I got lost, then I regained, then I got lost again (swamp/ castle! Anyone?) 
Back at the ranch, I had decided earlier that I was getting fed up of my tachometer (rev counter) needle jumping all over the place! Time to fix it. Stripping all the black tape away from the front wiring loom (after taking my headlamps off) I realised I shouldn’t have bothered! It was just that the sight of the wires everywhere was just not right. At least now it’s all right and uniform (just a bit more squishes in) but me needle doesn’t jump around anymore (I hope) it could warrant a flatscreen to protect it I suppose! Hunger crept in so I rustled up a top tea! Now I won’t Bragg, but it was awesome! Now I’m sitting like a fat lad on me couch watching top gear. A good day all round to be fair. I hope you all got the things you wanted to do today, done 🙂  


Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

3 thoughts on “Lazing on a sunny afternoon!!

      1. Yup, me dad was Merlin and he broke away from the Ashington Breakers Club (ABC) with the fat man and everyone else who wanted to leave. The West End Breakers were born!


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