A little less conversation a little more action

Right! Dinner plans made, I know who’s coming (fucking two couples) I know what I’m cooking (I haven’t asked for any allergies so they can shove it) first things first, I need more chairs. And more plates, and probably a dining room table to sit round, and stuff to cook! (I didn’t think about this too much when I planned it) tbh I just opened me mouth and shite fell out that kicked me into a corner of my own making!!! Bugger! Seeing as I only have a bike, a bit of crawling to get another mode of transport, a car, who would lend me their car? Me sister, that’s who (lucky I invited her then). Now my shopping can begin


Lots of things went wrong today as a shopping trip turned into a saga! The table I purchased was too big for the car, so out of the box it came (wait for it) a new whistling kettle for my stove top (I’m sick of the electric one, so  as I’m paying the extortionate price asked by SSC for my energy, I might as well use as much as I can before Russia cuts us off) a few more things….. plus food bought, (after I had to return to the store to retrieve  the box which I returned as they has the fecking bolts in for me table) then the fun began.


I’m an engineer, I’m a fecking engineer. So why did it take me nearly three hours to assemble four chairs and a table. It’s not that big, it’s not that difficult but I still managed to fuck a chair up and leave it to the end to redo. Anyway! The meal was of the three course variety, a great starter I found on a foody channel earlier on (I won’t regal you with the actual content of the meal, suffice to say I’m as fat as a a calzarian (that’s a nod to Star Wars ) honestly I have to stop cooking for folk! My waist size is skyrocketing. (Although I did buy a pair of WOMENS sized motorcycle jeans (I’m really short you see)) and my company left all fatter and happier, (my Adams Family candelabra lightened the mood) and now I’m sitting/ laying on me couch like a beached whale (I didn’t manage to sort Bobs chain out today, that’s a Saturday task) 

Please allow me the curtesy to feel large and lethargic enough to have to close e eyes and check my eyelids for light leaks and leave you for tonight. Friday with family!!!! I need a monopoly board for next time . Goodnight all, have fun laugh lots and enjoy the moments x.   

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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