On the road again

time to sort all my crap out again, within twenty four hours i should be revving the bollocks off Bob and heading back to the old homestead. another 400 mikes of green, grey, black, wet dry shite drivers and long sweeping bends on the motorways. ill be a tad sad as i love the times here with “Wor Lass”, shes grown on me (not in a wart type of way, no. more like a flower in a bed of thorns) , please acknowledge the fact and respect the fact that she reads this, before any dodgy comments about my soft centeredness. Anyway, back to my packing!, when i look at it, i have the inane ability to try and pack a pint in a quart (or is it the other way round?) i seem to accrue more shit everywhere i go. i know for a fact it wont fit into the finite amount of space i have in me bags, but i REFUSE to put anything in me jacket or pockets. if it aint fitting, its staying (or getting posted) 


So my day starts with a trip to a coffee shop, (TWO things here, first, i argue with venom about the fact that the new trend is to start every sentence with a “So”, especially in everyday conversation, and the second is that when i return to the North East, i must find other coffee shops in which to frequent. I have one in Morpeth but thats it) so this coffee shop, as i look up i see one, two, three, four others enshrine in their own personal hotspots, two with iPhones, one with a Macbook and the last with a laptop (Oddly enough she has just closed her laptop in dismay) but anyway, back to my point which is that when we now go out, our technology is NEVER far away. no one uses their phone to talk anymore, (look around, they use them to text, chat, message, Facebook, everything else but) even when we are having a coffee or a snack, out comes the tech (but always the individual) if you ever see a couple out together using their tech not talking to each other, then they dont have much time left as a couple (or they never were). the nice thing today, is that the DJ (whoever he/ she is, is playing pretty fantastic music) 


The guy on the Mac is looking around for inspiration on what to write (ive passed him, and hes just surfing the net) the girl with the laptop has now gone (surrounded by and orchard she obviously felt oppressed) the other two guys are still on their phones, separately,  but possibly texting each other?? (you never know). On the ride up here the towns street was filled to the Gunnels with pedestrians, (Still not too aware of the fact its a frikkin road, one more look of disdain from an old git, and ill stop the bike, and chest poke the fucker) the sun is out, the skies are blue and I’m on my way to the cafes one loo……… back, well this place is filling up, so its time to scedaddle out of here and give up the table I’m hogging. im sure more will occur throughout the day, and again, im sure ill write about it. 

Published by dec247h

Ex soldier, father, party girl and generally nice guy taking time out to do as he pleases! one day i will make it back to the UK, but i aint in a hurry!

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